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  • Water Management Considerations for ...

    A reclaim pond is situated outside the confining walls of the tailings storage area a short distance away (figure 7). The water in the reclaim pond is either sent to treatment/polishing ponds for discharge to the environment or pumped back to the plant for use in the processing operation.

  • Tailings Ponds Canada's Oil Sands

    Tailings ponds can remain part of an active mine operation for 30-40 years, either for tailings deposits to settle, or for storage and water recycling. The first tailings pond, Suncors Pond One (Wapisiw Lookout), completed surface reclamation in 2010.

  • tailings pond an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    3.2.5 Ecology. In 2009, journalists reported on damaging effects to humans and the environment from REE mining and separation. Hilsum reported from Baotou, where tailing ponds were full of acid and chemicals (Hilsum, 2009), and Bradsher addressed southeast Chinese mining of ionic clays in which REEs were mined with primitive and

  • Mine tailings Revolvy

    Jan 31, 2015· A conventional tailings slurry has a low %solids and a relatively high water content (normally ranging from 20% to 60% solids for most hard rock mining) and when deposited into the tailings pond the solids and liquids separate.

  • Cadia Gold Mine another tailings dam failure The ...

    It is clear that most of the tailings behind the failed section have not collapsed, which has prevented a large-scale release of tailings into the lower pond.

  • Tailings Ponds Oilsands Pembina Institute

    Fluid tailings ? known formally as mature fine tailings ? are the toxic by-product of oilsands mining....

  • Tailings ponds a toxic legacy of Albertas oilsands The

    A tailings pond near the Syncrude oilsands mining operations, seen last fall. The oilsands region's tailings ponds some of the largest in the world now cover 176 square kilometres and hold enough liquid to fill the equivalent of 390,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

  • Brazilian mine disaster renews tailings pond concerns ...

    The next time a mining company decides against dry-stacking as a too-costly alternative to tailings ponds, its directors and shareholders may want to consider what a tailings pond breach could cost companies like Imperial Metals

  • Tailings Water Management Services for Mines:

    Tailings water management services offered by M&A include water balance development, water quality analysis, groundwater mitigation, and regulatory support.

  • Mine Waste Tailings Beaching

    The mine provided access to its tailings, a site at its pond on which to build an auxiliary tailings discharge spigot (fig. 7), and the use of its labor and equipment to

  • Mine tailings dams: Characteristics, failure ...

    Fig. 1. Photo and photomicrograph of tailings. (a) Grey sulphide tailings in stream flowing through town of Huanuni, Bolivia; (b) Bolivian mine tailings primary phases undergoing cementation by secondary jarosite following three years of column leaching experiments (described in Kossoff et al., 2012b); (c) mining area at Berkeley, Montana, USA.

  • Category:Tailings Wikimedia Commons

    view of mill from upper tailings pond (north). roaster on left with elevator-crushed ore bin tower to right. main mill building in center with thickener addition to right.

  • Current Issues Tailings Dam Safety

    Industry organization ICMM commits its members to improvements meant to prevent tailings dam failures, totally ignoring senior experts' demand to abandon wet tailings disposal for good In the aftermath of the Samarco tailings dam collapse in Brazil on Nov. 5, 2015, the International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM), has issued a position

  • tailings pond an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Phytostabilization of Copper Tailings Using Cymbopogon citratus and Vetiveria zizanioides: A Pot Scale Study. The tailings of Rakha Cu mines, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand, India were permanently stored in tailings ponds that require vegetation to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • Mine Tailings Dredges & Mine Tailing Dredging

    Clear tailings ponds and direct feeling dewatering plants with mining tailings dredges and dredging equipment from IMS Dredges. IMS is the worlds leading producer of one truck transportable dredging systems and has delivered more dredges for lake, marina, and canal projects than any other.

  • Tailings Reduction Technology Canadas Oil Sands ...

    This reduces the time it takes to reclaim mature fine tailings and allows for the reduction of operating tailings ponds. ... at our Muskeg River Mine through ...

  • Brazil mine accident puts tailings ponds safety back in ...

    The next time a mining company decides against dry-stacking as a too-costly alternative to tailings ponds, its directors and shareholders may want to consider what a tailings pond breach could cost companies like Imperial Metals Corp.

  • What are tailings? Their nature and

    Tailings consist of ground rock and process effluents that are generated in a mine processing plant. Mechanical and chemical processes are used to extract the desired product from the run of the mine ore and produce a waste stream known as tailings.

  • Mine tailing removal & dredging Dredge Yard

    Our ECO dredgers are very suitable for mine tailing removal to clean up tailing ponds or further process the tailings to capture leftover valuables.

  • QRRC Research Relating to the Mount Polley Mine Tailings ...

    On 4th August 2014, the dam containing the tailings pond at Imperial Metals Corporation's Mount Polley Mine failed catastrophically. This resulted in the release of approximately 8 million m³ of sediment and 17 million m³ of water, which flowed down Hazeltine Creek and into both Polley Lake and Quesnel Lake.

  • Environmental Risks From Mine Tailings ThoughtCo

    Learn what mine tailings piles and tailing ponds are, and the environmental risks they are associated with.

  • Mine Tailings Pump Applications EDDY Pump

    Applications: Mining and Tailings Ponds. The purpose of this page is to identify your application and learn more about an equipment solution to meet your needs.

  • The Tailings Taranis Resources Inc.

    The less dense material moved down the table into the Tailings launder, ... All the materials that moved into these two launders were disposed of in the tailings pond.

  • Tailings Mineral Industry Solution WesTech

    In this unit the solids are allowed to settle and are then pumped to a tailings pond for further settling and water reclamation. ... Open Pit Oil Sands Mining.

  • Tailings Ponds are the Biggest Environmental Disaster

    Last Monday, a dam holding waste from the Mount Polley gold and copper mine in the remote Cariboo region of British Columbia broke.

  • Rare earth mining in China: the bleak social and ...

    Rare earth mining in China: ... is the world's largest rare earths mine tailings pond an endless expanse of viscous grey sludge built in the 1950s under Mao Zedong.

  • Rehabilitation: from tailings to pasture, plantings and ...

    When tailings deposition ceases, there will be an initial period in which the water quality within the pond will require monitoring and treatment. During this time, the tailings pond will be pumped to a low level to assist the tailings surface to gain strength.

  • Tailings

    Once tailings are in the pond, most tailings components quickly separate from the water. The water can be recycled to support operations. However, smaller particles of clay and silt will remain in suspension. These eventually form fluid tailings. Fluid tailings can take decades to settle, and even then only to a consistency of soft mud.

  • New mines must consider tailings pond alternatives ...

    Companies planning to build new mines in B.C. will need to consider alternatives to wet tailings ponds, under new regulations prompted by last years failure of the Mount Polley tailings pond.

  • Gold Tailings: Hazards and Opportunities Investing

    Tailings from gold mining operations can pose a threat to the environment and health of nearby communities. Not only can this waste be harmful if it leaches into groundwater, but it can also mean losing minerals still contained in the residue.

  • Tailings Wiki Everipedia

    Tailing ponds are areas of refused mining tailings where the waterborne refuse material is pumped into a pond to allow the sedimentation (meaning separation) of solids from

  • Tailings Reprocessing: Magna Copper Company's

    TAILINGS REPROCESSING: MAGMA COPPER COMPANYS PINTO VALLEY FACILITY DRAFT August 1993 ... sent to a pregnant leach solution pond and on to the solvent extraction ...

  • Tailings Impoundment Kennecott

    Tailings Impoundment Kennecott Utah Copper's tailings are the uneconomic waste product of the ore ... forming a beach and the water pools in a pond in the center of the

  • Mine Tailings Ground Truth Trekking

    Mine tailings are the ore waste of mines, and are typically a mud-like material. Worldwide, the storage and handling of tailings is a major environmental issue.

  • Tailings Dams: Where Mining Waste is Stored Forever ...

    Stava, Italy: In 1985, tailings dams built to store waste from flourite mining failed due to poor design and extreme water pressure. Two hundred thousand cubic meters (186,462 cubic miles) of tailings flowed more than 4 km (almost 2 miles) downstream at a speed of up to 90 km (almost 56 miles) per hour.

  • Gold Tailings: Hazards and Opportunities Investing

    Tailings from gold mining operations can pose a threat to the environment and health of nearby communities. Not only can this waste be harmful if it leaches into groundwater, but it can also mean losing minerals still contained in the residue.

  • Tailings Ponds Are the Biggest Environmental Disaster You ...

    Tailings Ponds Are the Biggest Environmental Disaster You've Never Heard Of Last Monday, a "tailings pond" dam holding waste from the Mount Polley gold and copper mine in British Columbia broke, spilling billions of gallons of

  • Tailings ponds for mining and oilsands waste: FAQs

    The breach of a tailings pond at the Mount Polley copper and gold mine in B.C. has released 10 billion litres of mining wastewater into local waterways in early August. Local residents have been banned from using the water

  • Mineral Policy Institute » Chronology of major tailings ...

    Mineral Policy Institute. MPI. ... Mount Polley mine, near Likely, British Columbia, Canada: ... No.2 tailings pond, Padcal, Luzon, Philippines:

  • Toxic Copper Mine Tailings Ponds to be Located

    Toxic Copper Mine Tailings Ponds to be Located Upstream from the St Louis River and Lake Superior ... tailings pond holds the 99.8% mine ... mining-tailings ...

  • Copper Mining Tailings Ponds are not Healthy for

    Jan 20, 2001· The first (of many) junior mining company that wants to mine copper in northeast Minnesotas water-rich, relatively unspoiled forest and lakes region is the PolyMet Mining Corporation that ...

  • Chronology of major tailings dam failures

    tailings dam failure from collapse of an underground mine beneath the slurry impoundment (view details) 250 million gallons (950,000 m 3) of coal waste slurry released into local streams About 75 miles (120 km) of rivers and streams turned an irridescent black, causing a fish kill along the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River and

  • Management of Tailings and Waste-Rock in

    Management of Tailings and Waste-Rock in Mining ... sized tailings ponds to ponds of over 1000 ... Management of Tailings and Waste-Rock in Mining Activities ...

  • Tailings Rio Tinto

    Tailings are residues created as part of mining, refining, smelting and water treatment processes. These processes are never 100 per cent efficient, nor is it possible to reclaim all reusable and expended processing chemicals. Tailings are discharged normally as slurry to a storage facility.

  • Mine Tailings Disposal Methods

    Uranium mill tailings are generally disposed of in tailing ponds; however, management of these wastes differs from tailings derived from other metal-ore operations. The Uranium Mill Tailing Radiation Control Act of 1978 regulates disposal of these wastes, as uranium tailings present special disposal problems.

  • The Feasibility of Lining Tailings Ponds US EPA

    some cases multiple tailings ponds were developed on a single mine site. The size of tailings ponds in the copper sector appeared to be significantly larger than average. The site visits also noted that most tailings ponds used some form of barrier on the bottom and sides of tailings ponds to retard flow of water through the bottom.

  • Mining Liners by AccuGeo Liner

    Mining Liners. Mining uses multiple liners for multiple functions: heap leach liners, solution pond liners, tailings dams. Check local

  • Toxic Copper Mine Tailings Ponds to be Located

    Every copper/nickel liquid tailings pond holds the 99.8% mine waste plus the liquids that is used to pipe the dissolved powder from the processing plant to the pond. Every copper/nickel sulfide mine in the history of mining has leaked/leached poisons into the groundwater, onto adjacent lands and into the downstream environment.

  • Tailings management Alfa Laval

    disused mine shafts. Tailings management. ... Tailings Pond / Dam Fil io Tailings Surface Mining Screening /Washing Tailings Leach ing / D gest on l ota i n Pregnant ...

  • Tailings Ponds 101 Oil Sands Magazine

    Tailings ponds are massive earth structures used to store ... initially constructed from overburden hauled from the mine site. Tailings ponds are normally located in ...

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